Please Note: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): This website nor its operator does not store any Personally Identifiable Information on the site's visitors. It does use Google Analytics for anonymous statistical usage information. The whole purpose of the site is to provide a link to third party stores. It provides these links via affiliate marketing companies. These affiliate marketing companies will track you - that's the whole point otherwise they won't know you've purchased something and won't pay us our commission.



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Questions about the Shopping Portal

It shouldn't! This website simply provides a 'click through' to the shops in question. You have full access to their web sites with all special offers, etc. However, with modern internet retailing, retailers are able to dynamically adjust their prices in response to just about anything so it is possible that they will seek to charge you more if you click through from this site. I recommend that you have two browsers open, one clicked through from here and use the other one to go to the site directly and then compare prices. Assuming that they are the same please ensure you purchase via the clicked through browser!

The shops pay this website a commission for "referring" you to their site. The scheme overview in 'Other Questions' below explain why the retailers and merchants offer this commission.

Only the merchant itself will know who has purchased what. This information is not provided to affiliates (i.e. webmaster at Shirenewton Shop). This website simply provides a 'click through' to the shops in question. You use their ordering facilities and are dealing directly with them. Responsible on-line retailers and merchants take privacy extremely seriously. They will all have a section on their site explaining their policy. If you are in any doubt about a retailers commitment to privacy find their statement and read it.

The merchants do provide affiliates with an overall statement of purchases made through the site on a monthly basis. This is used to calculate commission. However, in most cases we do not receive a breakdown of items purchased nor, actually, do we have any means of validating whether the merchant is declaring all the purchases - we have to go on trust!

This website does keep general statistics on numbers of visitors but CANNOT tell who has visited the site nor whether they clicked through to one of the featured merchants. Therefore there is no way we can identify who purchased what from where!

The webmaster of this site has entered into an 'affiliate' agreement with the merchants on behalf of Shirenewton Shop

This agreement provides for the merchants to pay this website commission for purchases referred through to the stores from the site. These affiliate schemes are entirely standard and legal.

Shirenewton Shop is not involved in any way in the transaction between you and the merchant - we simply refer you to their website.

Shirenewton Shop and the Shirenewton Charity Committee do not necessarily endorse all the stores featured on this site. They are provided for convenience and because they have a reasonable affiliate program.

However, every store featured here has evaluated this site and chosen to allow us to join their affiliate program. For this support we thank them and ask you to favour these stores/merchants over others you may be considering.

There are endless stories in the media about the insecurity of buying on-line and the various hacks. Responsible on-line retailers and merchants take security extremely seriously. Each site will have a whole section dedicated to explaining why purchasing on-line with them is secure. As we simply provide a 'click through' service we clearly can not comment on the security of each individual site. However if you are in any doubt about the security find the 'security section' of each site and read it.

Speaking personally as the author of the site and webmaster, I have spent thousands of pounds via on-line purchases (both in a personal and business capacity) and have not encountered any on-line fraud (setting myself up for a fall here!).

All dealings you have with individual retailers & merchants are direct dealings. Shirenewton Shop simply provides an introductory 'click through' service. Thus if you have a problem you need to contact the retailer directly and follow their individual procedure. This website, the webmaster and Shirenewton Shop can not help you. The retailer/merchant will refuse to deal with us - its you they have the contract with.

Yes - if you want to be sure that commission is paid to the shop.

Each retailer/merchant has their own rules in this respect. Some keep a record of your referral for a few weeks however many don't and only honour purchases made directly as a result of the click through.

We recommend that you 'bookmark' (i.e. add to your favorites menu) the shopping home page and you can also bookmark individual categories or individual shops.

It takes no time to reach the merchant's site via this site and you will, in effect, be making a donation to charity - can't be bad!

Please contact the Charity Committee Treasurer who will be pleased to re-assure you!

Other Questions

Year Amount £  
2018 402  
2017 650  
2016 800  
2015 668  
2014 1,202  
2013 1,365  
2012 834  
2011 1,254  
2010 1,535  
2009 1,164  
2008 951  


Records before 2008 have not been collated!

There has been an explosive growth in on-line shopping. The retailers are keen to encourage this as it makes them more efficient. Most are part of an 'affiliate' program which syndicates adverts to multiple websites on behalf of the retailer. Why else did you think there were all those click through's on commercial sites?.

The syndicated adverts are designed to transfers visitors to a retailer's particular site(s). This increases visitors, leads (such as registrations or sign ups), and sales on the sites. Commission is paid to the affiliate sites for each referred sale and, occasionally, sign-up or lead.

Different sites pay differing amounts in commission. Naturally the sites which pay the most are the type of sites which wouldn't sit well on a community fund raising site! However, each shop on this site pays either a fixed amount or a % commission on sales for the referral. These can vary from as little as a few pence per order to 5% or more!

We collect this money and pay it into the charity committee's bank account.

Great question! Undoubtedly a percentage of the people who use this site (and others in their affiliate program) will already shop at these sites and therefore the retailer in question will be effectively giving away commission.

However, we assume that the merchants are expecting that the new sales generated through the publicity, the brand recognition, etc. will more than make up for this small loss.

There is also the issue of 'immediate' action or the 'impulse' buy. Someone sitting home late at night browsing the web with a glass of wine (or three) may be tempted into purchases which may not seem so advisable in the cool light of day - I'm sure you get the picture! Better to grab that sale there and then than lose it altogether.

How are you tracked or how does the merchant's site recognise you as a referral partner and therefore pay commission?

Generally the answer is via 'cookies'. Some cookies last for a session and some last for a few weeks. The merchant site uses the cookie to recognise the fact that a purchaser is a referred customer. There is generally a rule of 'last cookie' wins. This means that if you click through from this site and then from another site, the other site's cookie will overwrite this site's cookie. So, while in some cases the merchants site will recognise you for up to several weeks as a referral customer, its safer to click through from this site when you are about to place an order!

This means that if you are running anyway 'no tracking' or 'cookie blocking' software, your purchase will not count. So please either turn it off or add the site/cookie to the 'permit' list.


  • This page is designed to answer the most common questions people ask about how the site, how the site raises money and why it costs you nothing to shop via this site!

Website Income

  • We are always asked how much the we earn via this shopping portal. Well, it varies, but most years it's several hundred pounds.
  • The detailed figures are given under 'Other Questions' below.

Who runs this site?

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